Entoria, 2nd-largest wholesale broker for life insurance and property & casualty insurance

Entoria is a major player in life insurance and property & casualty insurance and has been providing insurance solutions to business owners for the last 19 years.
As a wholesale broker we develop, underwrite and manage dedicated life insurance and property & casualty insurance solutions for self-employed workers and SME owners and employees.

These solutions are distributed through our national network of 9,000 independent brokers providing business owners with trusted advice.

€147.2 million
in revenue in 2019
9 000
Broker partners
Wholesale broker
€530 million
in net subscriptions
15 th-largest
Broker in France

Insurance solutions tailor-made for business owners

Entoria is a one-stop shop for innovative, competitive solutions in life insurance and property & casualty insurance, tailored to self-employed workers and SME owners.

These two types of insurance are crucial to covering all the insurance needs of business owners and providing them, their family and their employees - without forgetting their company and business - with all-round protection

All of our services are available online in order to facilitate and simplify clients’ day-to-day life.


A locally-based partner for brokers and business owners

We go even further in supporting our network of brokers and protecting business owners.

At Entoria, we are committed to establishing a trust-based relationship and providing local support for broker partners, with significant country-wide coverage and a dedicated sales and marketing team. This support is also available for business owners from brokers/advisors and insurance experts present throughout France.

Business owners helping business owners.

With Entoria each business owner receives dedicated, local support through our broker partners who provide support and advice and work hand-in-hand with clients to find appropriate insurance solutions.

Are you a broker?

As a wholesale broker Entoria has always been firmly focused on maintaining close relations with its broker partners, even more so now. As such, we are very familiar with your issues and can provide you with:

  • Expertise focused on your needs
  • Effective and innovative life insurance and property & casualty insurance solutions and services to facilitate your day-to-day life and cater to the needs of your business-owner clients
  • Local support, thanks to a dedicated sales and marketing team and sales inspectors throughout France
  • An efficient and easy-to-use extranet for you to manage your client portfolio in just a few clicks
  • Training courses suited to your needs and obligations

Are you a business owner?

As a business owner an accident or illness could put your business and your personal and business assets in danger. As such, you need to protect yourself, your employees and your company through both life insurance and property & casualty (10-year public liability, small business comprehensive, etc.) insurance.
Entoria provides you with:

  • Renowned expertise
  • Competitive tailored insurance solutions
  • An efficient extranet and dedicated firms to facilitate your day-to-day procedures
  • A local, expert broker providing trusted advice adapted to your needs

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